Long-wave Infrared Camera for R&D Applications

  • Maximum pixel resolution of 1024×1024
  • Maximum frame rate 120 Hz
  • 14-bit image resolution
  • Camlink interface
  • Filter wheel assembly and optional filters available
  • ThermaLab control and configuration software
  • Customized lenses available (including zoom)

The Cantronic ThermaLab LWIR is an extremely high sensitivity infrared imaging camera that is specially designed for scientific research and development application. The patented QWIP IRFPA cooled detector operates in the long wavelength region (LWIR.)

ThermaLab cameras are normally used with a PC for control, image display and other advanced features through a Camlink interface. Using a Windows OS and ThermaLab software, the user can configure software settings and benefit from advanced live display/real time storage. These cameras may also be used as a standalone unit or integrated into the customer’s own system