Cantronic Systems (Canada) features several IP network cameras in both visible CCTV video or thermal video forms. Whatever the application, Cantronic Systems has the camera or system to fit your needs. Please call 1-866-391-6970 to speak to an applications expert, or use our convenient contact form.


PTZ Thermal /Visual Dual Vision IP Camera (Outdoor)



The DNC-3000/3600PT includes Thermal and day/night CCTV cameras, and installed in a Pan/Tilt dome. IP property let it becomes a perfect solution for outdoor security using.

Download DNC3000/3600PT datasheet

Other Night Vision or Low Light Camera Systems



Download the VCC-HDS Datasheet

The VCC-HDS imaging sytem is a compact machine vision product designed for operations under very
low light conditions. This imaging sytem consists of a 1280 x1024 pixels high sensitive CMOS sensor (VCCHD1)
, an imaging processing electronics, and related image visualization software.

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Fully Integrated dual sensor (day night) cameras in both horizontal (PT-DT3000, top picture left) and vertical configurations (MT3000, bottom picture left) based on how the day and night sensors are mounted. One of the applications for these cameras is vehicle top mounted mobile surveillable.

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