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Cantronic Camera Systems

New products available

CANTRONIC’s FeverScan M3000 Series Fever Scanners (Temperature Screeners, Human Fever Scan, Body temperature Scan) to scan/screen body temperatures for MERS, SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, etc.

We provide infrared temperature measurement camera rental and related service

The FeverScan M3000SD (Dual channel) Networkable FeverScan Thermal Imaging System is a special product most suitable for our business partners (security system integrators, installers and distributors/resellers).

Sales contact:


Toll Free 1-866-391-6970

Cell(Mobile) +1-604-808-5031

Office hours +1-604-516-6667 x 234

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Cantronic Systems (Canada) Inc. is a global technology leader in infrared thermal imaging and night vision systems. Cantronic manufactures and distributes active and passive infrared imaging and night vision cameras. These complex camera systems are used for monitoring, protecting and managing facilities and people. Cantronic has supplied systems for use in demanding military, public health, homeland security, and industrial applications.

Download the Cantronic’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase
Download the Cantronic’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sales